Fifth Nation is electro-soul duo J LA SOUL (vocalist, guitarist) and MUSIK READ (producer/MC/DJ). After meeting on a Texan stage in the Spring of 2009, they released their first album FLIGHT and relentlessly toured the Eastern & Southern United States. In Spring 2010 they recorded IT'S ON, and in Summer 2011 moved to Brooklyn NYC. They recorded two singles (I'M IN LOVE, FIGHT A WAR), an EP (TV IS DEAD), a full-length self-produced album (NATHANIEL), and released four official videos with director Edwin Escobar, while continuing to tour around the Northeast and twice in California. Now based back in their birthplace (Austin TX), Fifth Nation is focused on production, collaborations and business development. Having played nearly 500 shows, they are prepared to continue touring globally for life, embracing a superhero‐style hardcore dedication to humanity.