Month: September 2015

I will try one more time and then I’m done

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Please check with OK state regulations regarding vehicle abandonment. According to the three instances where I had to deal with an abandoned vehicle, 30 days was all the time required for a vehicle to be parked with no communication from the owner, before it was considered abandoned. The mechanic and/or the land owner was under…

I’m very excited for you! I see major $ coming your way

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If I were you, I would stop worrying about whether he broke the law, get the sheriff involved etc. Clearly he did, and clearly the sheriff doesn’t care. I would, however, get to the Small Claims court house for that area (where the truck was at, since technically, that’s where the contract was) and file…

I used the cricut craft room to lay out a full 12 x 12 sheet

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Went to the cut feature and it said I needed to link my cartridge. Tried to link an got an error. Then it said I needed to update my firmware, I hit the skip button because I wanted to complete the project. It would not let me cut unless I did the update. So I…

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