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So if you care to remember

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a while back someone asked about our goals for 2014. Mine were to pay back the money that we borrowed from out EF. Number 2 was to pay off the doctor for my hubby’s surgery.. I was hoping to have those two things done by June of this year. I am happy to report that…

Yup, my utilities are the same

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mortgage stays the same, cell phone bill is the same, insurance is the same, cable is the same, cc payment is the same. What changes for me is fuel, groceries that sort of thing. That doesn’t mean that I don’t check my bills every month – because I do. I just prefer to set it…

Would you?

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So, in the past few months, we have had all sorts of extra expenses. I fell on the ice twice and ended up with a whiplash injury the first time and a shoulder sprain the second time. They thought I might have a tear in my shoulder, but the good news is that it is…

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