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I have most of my stuff auto debited

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so I guess if I had a bill that was the same each month, it would be easy. Sometimes I push a few bills to the end of the time period in case I have a cash crunch…I pay our rental property mortgage as late as possible since our renters usually pay late.

I’m not sure I understand what you are getting at

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I setup my bills through my bill payment service that the bank provides and send out payments on the 1st and 16th of the month. Since I can setup re-occurring payments, and my payments don’t change for a 12 month period for my utilities, mortgage, insurance etc, why not? Or were you you thinking that…

Sounds like you are very organized and like working with numbers!

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You may have misunderstood how I use Quicken. You said that you want to budget your credit union account. I actually use the “check register” as my budget. I pre-enter my groceries, fuel, kids stuff, and all other misc stuff you spend on Quicken for your credit union account. You already have a budget for…

Yeah, me, too

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I like having the control over the fats I put in it. I generally use all olive oil. I also like making variations of it, like a garlicky batch or a spicy batch. I use a regular food processor. It makes pretty amazing tuna or chicken salad. Alton Brown did mayo on one episode of…

Pretty excited (yes, it’s amazing the things which excite me!)

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made my first SUCCESSFUL batch of homemade mayonnaise. Other attempts have been major fails. Room temperature egg yolks and a narrow bottle (I used a regular mouth pint jar) seem to have made the difference. I used a stick blender, hence the reason for a narrow container. Texture is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Can’t wait to make some…

Gandalf and Fleur will head down to Texas

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to a friend of mine who is Belgian-savvy for socializing and hopefully the goal of getting them placed in homes. Shadow should be going to his new home in March (yay!). Looloo, my main troublemaker, is proving to be stubborn to shift so there has to be a plan for her that will come together…


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if we continue to save at the same rate, we have various amounts going into the different accounts. It would be 50 plus 70 plus 25 plus 50 each month. So, I guess it would be about a year. We could increase the amounts instead of continuing to pay on the snowball and could probably…

I do know how you feel Melanie, and i am right there with you

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This is exactly what I have been struggling with since DH found work this month. We would have been homeless in a heartbeat if DH hadn’t happened to have 8 weeks of vacation pay saved up….and the company wanting to avoid a lawsuit over DH’s termination, decided to pay it all rather than the two…

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