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So if you care to remember

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a while back someone asked about our goals for 2014. Mine were to pay back the money that we borrowed from out EF. Number 2 was to pay off the doctor for my hubby’s surgery.. I was hoping to have those two things done by June of this year. I am happy to report that…

Gandalf and Fleur will head down to Texas

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to a friend of mine who is Belgian-savvy for socializing and hopefully the goal of getting them placed in homes. Shadow should be going to his new home in March (yay!). Looloo, my main troublemaker, is proving to be stubborn to shift so there has to be a plan for her that will come together…

I was curious if this machine is sold on

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You could post a review there too. Reviews there often make companies really sit up and pay attention simply from the sheer exposure to such a huge potential market. Also, might be another option. But yea, spread the word far and wide. That’s simply unacceptable for a company to treat their customers that way….

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