Gandalf and Fleur will head down to Texas

to a friend of mine who is Belgian-savvy for socializing and hopefully the goal of getting them placed in homes.

Shadow should be going to his new home in March (yay!). Looloo, my main troublemaker, is proving to be stubborn to shift so there has to be a plan for her that will come together at some point.

I’m learning to crochet with the aim of being able to crochet items with my flocks processed fleece – value-added products, handmade. I’m also just flat out enjoying myself.

Saturday is the beginning of the Horticulture class at the Kerr Center in Poteau which Chris is attending with me, so looking forward to that.

The 9th is the hive build day so I’ll learn how to put my bee hives together, and hopefully learn a more efficient way of putting the frames and wax foundation together, those are a PITA.

In the meantime, I’m slowly (emphasis on slowly), making some headway in the house. I’m ignoring the dust to the best of my ability and concentrating on finding a place for everything and contemplating how I want the house setup so I can get my boxes unpacked.

I also need to work out a better method of feeding the sheep the big round bales since they are pretty darn wasteful. I can’t spend a bunch of time feeding by hand – I KNOW cash advance online – there has to be a smarter way to get them fed with less waste, not to mention less waste means less money spent and less hay in their fleece so less time I have to spend skirting and cleaning fleece etc.

Within the next 2 weeks I’ll be visiting with the NRCS to figure out some different strategies on getting water out to my pasture, getting my fencing taken care of etc. A gently used livestock trailer purchase may be on my list of purchases, I’m mulling that over.

Also mulling over getting some of my pigs back, but that may be more than I can deal with right now. I do miss the taste of home raised pork and chicken and eggs!

So, that’s where I am right now.

And I need to budget for a railing on the porch so I can quit bouncing down the dang stairs when its icy.

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