I have all of my bills auto debited

auto bill, or on automatic bill pay too. Utility bills are the hardest ones to deal with since they are so seasonal. So what I do is average out all of my utility bills for a 12 month running average to come up with the average bill. Then I add those averages to my fixed bills to come up with a average amount that I pay towards bills each month. I add a little extra for cushion, and that is what I have deposited into my “bill paying account”. I built a spreadsheet so that I can watch my projected balances months ahead of time. That way I can anticipate shortages way ahead of time and make small adjustments that are not really noticeable to my daily budgeting. And better, I really don’t have to worry about paying my bills since they are all on auto-pay, or bill pay. Once or twice a month I update billing amounts in the spreadsheet, and look to make sure that the balance never is projected to go below zero. Excess cash in the account is transferred monthly into savings for when there are going to be shortages.

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