I have spent much of the last two weeks working on learning my equipment for our little business

Two weeks ago I stupidly did an update on my main die cutting machine and the result was my machine stopped working. Yo-yo going down.
I called customer service and the first rep was very nice. She couldn’t fix it, but said maybe the next tier could because they were aware the update was basically killing some machines. So she put me to the next tier. I was hopeful, so I rode the yo-yo up.
That night second tier called and basically told dh and I “toughies” Yes, they knew their upgrade would kill some of the machines over 3 years old, especially ones nearing age 5. Which mine is, but it had only been used about 6 months of that time. I asked what they were going to do about it and was told “nothing.” Yo-yo going down smoking with angry heat.
You all know me well enough to know that was not acceptable. We are talking a $150 machine to replace and I have hundreds of dollars in accessories and materials tied up to go with it. After about 15 minutes of heated discussion, the guy offered me $15 to go away, I refused, he upped it to $20. I again refused pointing out that 1 minute before the upgrade the machine was working perfect. That it was the upgrade they demanded I do before I could get my project off their website (a project that used my accessories that I had legally purchased that were now linked permanently to their website) that destroyed my machine. I wanted a fix, a replacement or a larger compensation NOW. He refused, I demanded and received third tier. Yo-yo spinning at the bottom and starting to flame like what we called at ‘voo, a white man’s fire.
Third tier tried arguing with me, and it was not until I pointed out that had I been given a warning with a choice of the possible demise of my machine I would not had updated and that basically what they had done was a scam, and act of fraud she again offered me the $20 and the possibility of buying a refurbished machine as soon as they had one available, which would probably be in a few months, for $50.
I then said,” so the refurbished are older machines that would be subject to this same problem right?” She hesitated and then said, well maybe. I don’t think so! After nearly an hour on the phone I came away with a $30 credit because my machine was 5 years old and $150 divided by 5 equals $30. Of course the credit has to be used on their website. Yo-yo was hanging low all that night.
Next day, after reading various forums and such I started tinkering with the machine and combining all I had read, with my limited knowledge of electronics I got the machine running again, in the updated format. So if I, a know nothing, could fix it why couldn’t their tech people? Obviously they knew it was fixable, because they refurbish them and re-sell them. Scam anyone? Yo-yo moving back up. Only the accessory that was connected to it still wouldn’t work. This, however, I have a possible way to get replaced for free. And not by using the $30 credit, which I have no qualms about using on a different accessory because of their attitude and them saying “it’s your problem not ours. Most people would have purchased a new machine using a payment plan by now.” Yeah, right!
Then dh tried an add-0n program that had previously worked, yo-yo going down, it didn’t work. More tinkering and we got it to work! Yo-yo back all the way to the top. I will be doing no more updates with that company, nor will I be purchasing the new unit they are sending me ads on for $300. It has to be linked totally to them and a computer—want to bet what would happen with that unit after 3-4 years?
There are other die cut machines on the market in the same price category that do more and have a good solid reputation/reviews for their customer service.
Yo-yo stayed up with our official notices on ss that we will get our first checks the end of Feb. Finally, something in writing.
Cold weather, down, warm weather up, cold weather down, balanced budget up. You get the idea.

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