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Please check with OK state regulations regarding vehicle abandonment. According to the three instances where I had to deal with an abandoned vehicle, 30 days was all the time required for a vehicle to be parked with no communication from the owner, before it was considered abandoned. The mechanic and/or the land owner was under NO obligation to contact you during that time. If 30 days (or whatever the time interval might be under OK statute) the mechanic and/or property owner didn’t hear from you, then by law the vehicle would be considered abandoned. At that point, any title would be null and void. Ownership of the vehicle would automatically pass to the property owner, at which time he can do whatever he wants with it. That was the procedure which occurred in all three instances I was involved in. Also, when a vehicle is abandoned as above described, the new vehicle owner must either pay money to get a new title assigned, OR can sell it as salvage, which occurred here. From everything you’ve said so far, this sounds exactly like the other three instances I am familiar with, all of which were perfectly legal. But don’t take my word for it and don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Go check the OK state law before you start serving warrants or paying an attorney or siccing Bruno on this guy or whatever else. Vehicle abandonment happens every day, the procedures are very straightforward, and there’s nothing here (yet) which tells me the mechanic did anything other than what he was required to do. Don’t spend a bunch of money on this until you’ve proven otherwise. Or he could come after you for stuff like defamation of character, etc.

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