It has been an interesting week

The weather for us on the gulf coast has made life havoc. Our store was open till only noon yesterday. Today we were open all day, still another hour to go. It has made people with normal jobs have some unscheduled time off and rather unexpectedly. Bad for hourly workers. However tomorrow it should be back to work as normal for most people.

I have been working on a few designs today. A “wintry weather advisory” must means I have a day at home whether I want one or not but it’s an excuse to play around with my tiles, ink and other stuff crafty for my business. I have been posting to fb, pinterest, and my website. Not a lot done but worthwhile. I did get an order made and delivered today so I ended up with some green in my pocket for my efforts today.

In the last week or so I have updated my website. I also tried to better organize my products on my pinterest page so the different products are easier to find. That is the kind of work that does not bring in money immediately but I believe it helps in the long run.

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