Ordinary I don’t care about

But what about someone who barges in and writes 3 identical off topic messages as their first volley. Is that ornary, or rude. Yeah it does make me wonder, it makes me wonder about character the same way I would wonder about an individual who uses profanity in church. There is a right time and a right place and those that don’t understand that make me wonder.

It makes me wonder when someone disrespects a competitor (Amway) and plays up an organization (US Chamber of Commerce) and has never gone to the web site to check out the information that links the two together. That was a big faux pas and it goes again to credibility.

It makes me wonder when someone resorts to name calling an ad hominem attacks when by URL and post I prove that another one of the statements is false – that a trademark was abandoned.

It makes me wonder when someone who is not a lawyer rolls out a legal opinion that is refuted by the court and by other lawyers who specialize in the law surrounding MLM.

If the Anti-MLM group and the
Survivors can simply phone an Attorney General to prove information is false, it makes me wonder why didn’t someone from the pro side phone first to make sure they were telling the truth rather than repeating some upline’s rhetoric.

You see the problem is that when a proMLMr comes in here and spits out false information it makes everyone in the business look bad. That’s why I jump in. The research is only done once so when the next one shows up and tries the same stunt it’s like walking into a shotgun.

Ruth can tell you, I knew about the abandoned trademark months ago. If I could find it, so could have anyone else – so it makes me wonder why they didn’t bother to look.

I wonder about a guy that emails my home and states “I do not know why you are so hate filled. I suppose the world contains a little of everything. Anyway my fax number is: 707-***-**** If you really believe even half of what you charge send it to me, signed. I will forward your concerns”.

It makes me wonder why he wants the information when all that I said was either a matter of public record or could be confirmed through outside sources.

It makes me wonder why he just didn’t go research the information himself.

and I also wonder about an individual who has constantly pushed the line about promoting “his” opportunity is doing it once again.

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