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made my first SUCCESSFUL batch of homemade mayonnaise. Other attempts have been major fails.

Room temperature egg yolks and a narrow bottle (I used a regular mouth pint jar) seem to have made the difference. I used a stick blender, hence the reason for a narrow container. Texture is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Can’t wait to make some chicken salad sandwiches tomorrow. It’s a little on the tangy side compared to store-bought mayo…but since it came completely out of food storage, I DON’T REALLY CARE ….lol.


2 egg yolk
1 T lemon juice (juice of 1/2 lemon)
1 T white wine vinegar
3/4 teas salt
1/8 teas sugar
1 teas Dijon mustard
1 C vegetable oil*
1/2 C olive oil*

*Ratio on oil doesn’t matter, can be 100% of one, or flipped or whatever, as long as the total amount is 1 1/2 cups.


Stick blender pulsing without moving for literally 1 second at a time until mayo forms about 1/4 way up jar. Then can move stick blender around blending for 2-3 seconds at a time, moving stick blender vertically up and down incorporating the oil, until all oil is incorporated.

a while back someone asked about our goals for 2014. Mine were to pay back the money that we borrowed from out EF. Number 2 was to pay off the doctor for my hubby’s surgery.. I was hoping to have those two things done by June of this year.

I am happy to report that we have acheived those two goals already.
Not long ago, we were able to pay ourselves back and just a couple of days ago, I got a new EOB from our insurance company for dh’s surgery.
Through the terms of the contract, the original amounts they paid were more than the doctors charges. So basically for us that mean instead of paying $700 we only owed $447. Well I had already paid the doctor $500. Now we just have to wait for the refund of $53.

I am so excited. Not only for an unexpected discount but also for the refund coming and to have the doctor totally PAID OFF. We are back DEBT FREE (except our mortgage of couse).

I changed my FB cover page to a picture of a billboard that says, “debt free zone”!

Doing a little snoopy dance here in Washington State!!!!

~ Talked to XM radio. If we paid a year in advance, they would give us a 50% discount. Which we took. Unfortunately, this is a one-year only special, so we’ll probably drop it next year.

~ Discovered that our mortgage balance was low enough to get our PMI removed. House payment went down $50!

~ Changed from cable to Direct TV. I don’t know how much (or little) it lowered our bill, but it was Husband’s idea. And this was the first time he has taken it upon himself to help figure out how to save money.

~ Had car trouble with both our cars, which we were able to pay for with our “Car Repair” fund, something we started a couple of months ago.

The weather for us on the gulf coast has made life havoc. Our store was open till only noon yesterday. Today we were open all day, still another hour to go. It has made people with normal jobs have some unscheduled time off and rather unexpectedly. Bad for hourly workers. However tomorrow it should be back to work as normal for most people.

I have been working on a few designs today. A “wintry weather advisory” must means I have a day at home whether I want one or not but it’s an excuse to play around with my tiles, ink and other stuff crafty for my business. I have been posting to fb, pinterest, and my website. Not a lot done but worthwhile. I did get an order made and delivered today so I ended up with some green in my pocket for my efforts today.

In the last week or so I have updated my website. I also tried to better organize my products on my pinterest page so the different products are easier to find. That is the kind of work that does not bring in money immediately but I believe it helps in the long run.

to a friend of mine who is Belgian-savvy for socializing and hopefully the goal of getting them placed in homes.

Shadow should be going to his new home in March (yay!). Looloo, my main troublemaker, is proving to be stubborn to shift so there has to be a plan for her that will come together at some point.

I’m learning to crochet with the aim of being able to crochet items with my flocks processed fleece – value-added products, handmade. I’m also just flat out enjoying myself.

Saturday is the beginning of the Horticulture class at the Kerr Center in Poteau which Chris is attending with me, so looking forward to that.

The 9th is the hive build day so I’ll learn how to put my bee hives together, and hopefully learn a more efficient way of putting the frames and wax foundation together, those are a PITA.

In the meantime, I’m slowly (emphasis on slowly), making some headway in the house. I’m ignoring the dust to the best of my ability and concentrating on finding a place for everything and contemplating how I want the house setup so I can get my boxes unpacked.

I also need to work out a better method of feeding the sheep the big round bales since they are pretty darn wasteful. I can’t spend a bunch of time feeding by hand – I KNOW cash advance online – there has to be a smarter way to get them fed with less waste, not to mention less waste means less money spent and less hay in their fleece so less time I have to spend skirting and cleaning fleece etc.

Within the next 2 weeks I’ll be visiting with the NRCS to figure out some different strategies on getting water out to my pasture, getting my fencing taken care of etc. A gently used livestock trailer purchase may be on my list of purchases, I’m mulling that over.

Also mulling over getting some of my pigs back, but that may be more than I can deal with right now. I do miss the taste of home raised pork and chicken and eggs!

So, that’s where I am right now.

And I need to budget for a railing on the porch so I can quit bouncing down the dang stairs when its icy.

so we spent the remainder of the week gathering the supplies we would need to paint and clean. We spent Friday afternoon cleaning or with appointments with different trades–pest, HVAC, locksmith.

Saturday and Sunday were spent painting. We have primed everything except 4 closets/storage areas of varying sizes. I figured that we should get the main/public areas of the Karate school ready for prospective students.

I’ve taken the day off of painting today so I can get my house in order and spend more time painting later in the week. The sooner we get everything in order there and open the school, the sooner I will have that stuff out of my house and I can remove our personal clutter. I know that the kids’ old homeschool stuff can get sold, the last one graduates this year.

Please check with OK state regulations regarding vehicle abandonment. According to the three instances where I had to deal with an abandoned vehicle, 30 days was all the time required for a vehicle to be parked with no communication from the owner, before it was considered abandoned. The mechanic and/or the land owner was under NO obligation to contact you during that time. If 30 days (or whatever the time interval might be under OK statute) the mechanic and/or property owner didn’t hear from you, then by law the vehicle would be considered abandoned. At that point, any title would be null and void. Ownership of the vehicle would automatically pass to the property owner, at which time he can do whatever he wants with it. That was the procedure which occurred in all three instances I was involved in. Also, when a vehicle is abandoned as above described, the new vehicle owner must either pay money to get a new title assigned, OR can sell it as salvage, which occurred here. From everything you’ve said so far, this sounds exactly like the other three instances I am familiar with, all of which were perfectly legal. But don’t take my word for it and don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Go check the OK state law before you start serving warrants or paying an attorney or siccing Bruno on this guy or whatever else. Vehicle abandonment happens every day, the procedures are very straightforward, and there’s nothing here (yet) which tells me the mechanic did anything other than what he was required to do. Don’t spend a bunch of money on this until you’ve proven otherwise. Or he could come after you for stuff like defamation of character, etc.

If I were you, I would stop worrying about whether he broke the law, get the sheriff involved etc. Clearly he did, and clearly the sheriff doesn’t care.

I would, however, get to the Small Claims court house for that area (where the truck was at, since technically, that’s where the contract was) and file papers on MONDAY for the Kelly Blue Book value of the truck. Usually they give you a choice of having a “friend” serve him, service by mail, or service by the county sheriff/marshall office. While this usually costs about $50-60 to have him served by the men in green, it GETS his attention PRONTO.

And then of course, after you win, my FAVORITE method of collecting money is to do a Till Tap, which is where a marshall/sheriff in uniform, literally stands at the cash register all day collecting every payment/purchase that comes in in order to pay the debt. It usually only takes about 15 minutes of that for the shiester to pay up.

Went to the cut feature and it said I needed to link my cartridge. Tried to link an got an error. Then it said I needed to update my firmware, I hit the skip button because I wanted to complete the project. It would not let me cut unless I did the update. So I finally gave up and did the update, then my cricut would no longer work.

You could post a review there too. Reviews there often make companies really sit up and pay attention simply from the sheer exposure to such a huge potential market. Also, might be another option. But yea, spread the word far and wide. That’s simply unacceptable for a company to treat their customers that way. I know I’m preaching to the choir……

Once I did others came forward with basically the same story, only none if them got any compensation. My warning also stopped several from doing the latest update, thus saving their machines.

Many who were going to buy the new unit are now going to buy from their competitor. Many were not aware they regularly put out new machines and then stopped supporting them in a short period of time. They are now. Jan who says companies need to remember word of mouth can either make or break a company.

mortgage stays the same, cell phone bill is the same, insurance is the same, cable is the same, cc payment is the same.

What changes for me is fuel, groceries that sort of thing.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t check my bills every month – because I do. I just prefer to set it up 12 months at a time.

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