So if you care to remember

a while back someone asked about our goals for 2014. Mine were to pay back the money that we borrowed from out EF. Number 2 was to pay off the doctor for my hubby’s surgery.. I was hoping to have those two things done by June of this year.

I am happy to report that we have acheived those two goals already.
Not long ago, we were able to pay ourselves back and just a couple of days ago, I got a new EOB from our insurance company for dh’s surgery.
Through the terms of the contract, the original amounts they paid were more than the doctors charges. So basically for us that mean instead of paying $700 we only owed $447. Well I had already paid the doctor $500. Now we just have to wait for the refund of $53.

I am so excited. Not only for an unexpected discount but also for the refund coming and to have the doctor totally PAID OFF. We are back DEBT FREE (except our mortgage of couse).

I changed my FB cover page to a picture of a billboard that says, “debt free zone”!

Doing a little snoopy dance here in Washington State!!!!

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