Sounds like you are very organized and like working with numbers!

You may have misunderstood how I use Quicken. You said that you want to budget your credit union account. I actually use the “check register” as my budget. I pre-enter my groceries, fuel, kids stuff, and all other misc stuff you spend on Quicken for your credit union account. You already have a budget for those things on a spreadsheet, right? So did I. I would use the spreadsheet to plan out when I could buy certain items based on how much the paycheck was for the week. If there wasn’t enough left for the clothes or dry cleaning, I’d bump that amount out a week.

Now, instead of making those adjustments on my spreadsheet, I just enter them into Quicken as future purchases.

So in other words. I have Quicken pre-planned out to the end of February. I enter (automatically) all the normal items I have on my budget into the Quicken register, like dining, gas, clothing, etc. For example: hair cuts. I plan $50 every 30 days for hair. When someone gets a haircut, I subtract that from the $50, and put in the “real” transaction. That way I can see that I need $25 for gifts down at the end of the month or $30 for the vet when the postcard comes in the mail for his reminder checkup. I “budget” those flexible amounts right in the check register and change the amount to the “real” amount when it is actually spent.

It works great for me because I can plan out as far as I want and just keep the real total on a daily basis matching the bank. It’s a great way for me to also see future purchases on my phone, because it is already pre-populated out a whole month.

Does that make more sense?

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