Thanks, but I break out my regular bills away from my budget

Let me explain. Because my employer makes it possible for me to deposit into more than one bank account, I took advantage of that to more or less “automate” my bill paying processes. One bank account I keep a spreadsheet on and plug in all of my monthly bills into it for a running balance. I have the bill pay set up to pay bills automatically. So every pay check deposits a set amount into that account, and my bills are automatically paid from it. I run it as a “zero balance” account, so I watch the balance months ahead of time and make small adjustments once a month. I always pay my bills on time that way, and I really pretty much just set it and forget it. The bank probably hates it since they make no fees off me that way, but to bad. This is also the bank where I am paying off my debts from. I put myself on a three year plan to pay off debt, and that is the amount I pay each month to the credit cards until they are paid off. So far I have killed off three loans, and snowballed into the others. I had a set back last year though, but that will not happen this year.
Now, I know some don’t like this, but I do use a credit card to pay many of my bills to take advantage of the reward miles it offers. But I pay off that balance monthly, so no interest. That card probably hates me, but too bad, I pay no interest, nor fees. If they want to make money off of people, it is not going to be me.
I have a second bank account for my mortgage and emergency fund that I have a portion of my check deposited into, and that one is pretty much on automatic as well except for I have to manage the emergency funds.
The balance of the check is what we live off of and is deposited into my credit union account. That amount fluxuates from check to check, though I can figure to the penny what the minimum will be months ahead of time assuming I don’t call in sick or something. But this is the amount I need to budget for things like Groceries, personal items, clothing, and such. It is this one and only account that I need to set up a budget on that is based off the payday net into this account, and the budget starts over twice a month. THAT is where I have problems with programs like quicken. So many of these programs are based on monthly concepts. But I budget based off each paycheck and it works really well for us. I have flexibility built into my finances, but the budget is something really really try to sick to.

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