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So, in the past few months, we have had all sorts of extra expenses. I fell on the ice twice and ended up with a whiplash injury the first time and a shoulder sprain the second time. They thought I might have a tear in my shoulder, but the good news is that it is just a sprain. That means 60 dollars a week for PT and other amounts for doctor copays.

Next, my son started having some significant issues with anxiety, mood, and not sleeping. It ended up that we found out that he is being bullied, but it took taking him to a counselor to find out. Now, we are addressing it, but that is an additional 20 dollars a week for that copay. He needs this given that he believed that he should let the other kid beat him up or he would not have any friends.

Then, we got two kittens from the humane society. This was a splurge I will admit. But now we have pet costs, most are temporary, but it was over 300 dollars in January. We still need to pay for a couple of vet visits for shots, etc., but then this cost will go down quite a bit.

I see these as needed expenses (other than the cats), but they have majorly set our snowball back. We essentially don’t have anything extra anymore to add to the debt payments. It is quite frustrating.

So, I do have more money in savings accounts that DR says that we need for step 2. In a joint account, we have 6300, my own savings accounts are about 4000 combined, and then my partner has about 1500 combined in her savings accounts.

I played the zero percent interest game last summer, with only two cards drawing any interest. The goal was to have the first one paid off by the end of the year, but we still have a balance on that card a full month after the end of the year. Then, another card with about 1100 also has interest. Combined, I could pay those off it I took 2000 from savings and paid them.

I am being told that I need about another month of PT and the counseling will continue for a while, but even getting that 240 dollars back each month will help us starting in March.

I wanted the extra savings because of the uncertainty of my partner’s job in that she works for the department of defense and politicians like to play with her paycheck and that makes me nervous. I am a tenured school employee so my job should be secure. Now that a budget deal has been reached in congress, the question is whether things are stable enough that I can warrant taking that 2000 out to pay off this debt.

Out of the zero percent interest deals, two of them expire between March and May and I’d like to start trying to pay those off before they start earning interest again. Tax refunds will help with this.

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